OG Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2021

OG Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2021

Today in this section we are going to talk about the Latest OG Instagram APK Download version 2021. You know, Instagram is a trend app that has millions of downloads.It is a social app where you can post your photos and videos with your friends and family. OG Instagram APK is an updated version of instagram that provides many functions and options not found in the official Instagram app.

The OG Instagram APK is not available in the google play store, but it’s never connected to the phone’s feature and is safe to use on all types of devices. OG instagram has an interface similar to the official application. It has user-friendly options and users can easily understand all the details related to the functionality of this application.

You can avoid ads and require less storage space than other versions of instagram.

Basic Information of OG Instagram APK

It was developed by the OG Insta Team. OG Instagram version is 10.14.0. Its size is 25 MBs only. WIFI Connection is recommended. It was last updated a day ago. External storage Access.

Exclusive Functions of OG Instagram APK

OG Instagram offers many options for users who are not provided by an official application. Now you can get a lot of attractive features below. There are,

  1. Multiple Account Support You can access two accounts at once using OG Instagram APK. Using this interesting version of IG you will receive notifications related to both accounts at once. You do not need to remove your account information to access another account. Now, activate both accounts simultaneously using OG Instagram APK.

  2. Download Media The best thing about this version of Instagram is its media download feature. OG Instagram APK the official Instagram never allows its user to download a picture, video or GIF from the gallery. You can download all types of media directly to the gallery, including pictures, videos, boomerangs and anything else.

  3. Share Links Using OG Instagram APK, you can easily share URLs of pictures and videos with your friends. This way, you can give them quick access to the media you want to share with them.

  4. Follow Indicator OG Instagram APK has an inbuilt “Follow Indicator”. This feature is designed to let the user know who is following him or not. You will receive a notification when you encounter someone who starts following you or does not follow your account.

  5. Zoom Profile Picture OG Instagram APK is an application that gives you access to a very small profile picture and allows you to zoom in. In the original application, You could not view that image properly.

  6. IGTV Video Access If you enjoyed the IGTV feature on the official Instagram, You can easily watch long videos. The video will not be downloaded by the official Instagram app. Download the full IGTV video using the OG Instagram app. Download the full IGTV video using OG Instagram APK.

  7. Auto-Translation OG Instagram APK lets the user translate incoming text from private chats. You can only translate header translations using the official IG app, but this version gives you a text translation.

  8. The Auto-Playing of Videos In the official IG app, you have to click on the video to open the sound of the video. OG Instagram is created by sound automation. This is the default function of this application.

  9. Facebook Connection Connect this app with facebook and share your note from IG to facebook very conveniently. This feature saves time and allows the user to share a single note on two different websites with a single click.

  10. Download Stories Using OG Instagram APK you can download stories about contacts in your gallery. No need to request written status. You can easily copy the text and use OG Instagram APK wherever you want.

  11. Multi-Language Support OG Instagram has multi-Language support which enables the application to run in the desired language without any hassle.

  12. Copy Bios and Captions You can copy people’s biographies and paste them anywhere. OG Instagram APK has a clipboard option that allows the user to copy text situations, headers and all types of copies.

Installation Guide of OG Instagram APK

OG Instagram is an updated version of the official Instagram APK. Here are the steps you need to follow to download OG Instagram APK.

  • OG Instagram requires permissions of the unknown source from the settings of the device and it is a third party application.
  • Connect your device to the internet connection and visit the official page of OG Instagram Apk
  • Click the link at the bottom of the page provided to download the application
  • Save the file to the 'Downloads' folder on your phone
  • Wait until the downloading process completes
  • Before launching the application
  • Allow permissions of unknown origin in the settings
  • After activating the permission, open the app and create your account
  • You can log in by using any previous account too