Everything You Need to Know about Google Word Coach 2021

Google is always more brilliant day by day. So Google released a new “Google Word Coach. Google Word Coach is the latest feature of the Google Dictionary. That is the game. Who needs to increase their English language vocabulary Google Word Coach is best for that. It’s fun and very interesting. 

What is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is a Game, That helps users to improve their English language. It’sIt’s fun and the best way to learn English. Most of the Google users are include non-English and in India. So Google needs to get the best search experience from users. They launched that game for Google Search users. You can quickly learn many synonymous words, opposite words and the correct meaning of it. 

That game looks like a quiz mode game because that question appears on your screen. Don’t worry; you don’t need to know how to use it. Google find Non-English speaking people. Who are week in the English language? So Google Word Coach help to enhance their English speaking and writing skills. We improve the English language and want to ass the time to the productive activity they can play for fun.

When Google Word Coach Game Launched?

Everything You Need to Know about Google Word Coach 2021

Google Word Coach was launched in February 2018 for Non-English speaking countries. That not visible to the US Search result and Other English language base countries. 

That is mainly focused on NonEnglish countries. Like India, people who use Search the Definition and Translation of various English sentences or words on google expand their English language vocabulary. 

How to Open Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach game only visible to Non-English countries. So that comes in a bit of a box, which is Google Search for some words or sentences. 

For example, if you search the ‘solution’ in Google, Google Dictionary shows the little box of Google Word Coach Game. In that little, the question like ‘Which word is similar to Solution’ is asked with two options: you have to choose one option.

So that discussion you can get ideas How to open Google word coach by just typing English word on google search and start Playing. 

How to Download Word Coach Game and App?

Word Coach is not an app. You can not download it, if you need to play it you need to use Google Web browser by typing “Word Coach” or search for any word meaning or use Google Translator,, the yo can seen the word meaing and translation box of google.

That happened not every time. It’s necessary. Sometimes it may not show in your Country.

So this is not an App. You no way to download the Official Word Coach Game.

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