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Don’t want others to find out where you are? No problem!👌
With just a single tap, you can fake the phone’s GPS location to any place on earth!

This Fake GPS location spoofer was designed in the new era of Metaverse🌌, which allows you to jump between virtual and reality at will, let your mobile phone take you to anywhere in the world!

What are the benefits of the fake GPS location emulator?
1️⃣ Protect privacy and prevent anyone from tracking your GPS signal. 2️⃣For developer testing purposes. 3️⃣Hide your real GPS location. 4️⃣Occasionally tease friends to make some fun… etc, everything you need to fake GPS, our Fake GPS Spoof Location will going to help!

Fake Location can be very easy:
1. Open the Fake GPS Location app, select “GO”.
2. Allow background operation permission (for maintaining the fake GPS spoofing state, it can be closed when not used).
3. Click “Change location”, and swipe with your finger or double-tap to zoom in to find the location you want to mock on maps.
4. Click once on the location, then click “Start”. Now emulate GPS location successfully! Your phone location has changed!✅

1. An operation guide is provided in the Fake GPS Location APP. Click on the question mark in the upper right corner to get the user instructions. Please note we also provided different instructions for different Android versions in the “Help”, so that anyone can find the most suitable using method.
2. This GPS location faker will not change your phone’s IP address, so it will never affect the network of your phone.