Best Free Calendar Apps For Android 2021

Best Free Calendar Apps For Android 2021

Calendar is the most essential thing for us. As well as the calendar is essential and very important. It is also a good thing that we have it on our mobile phone. Because we use mobile phones almost everyday in our life. That way we can view the calendar from anywhere. We are going to talk about the Best Free Calendar Apps For Android 2021.

We definitely carry a cell phone with us when we travel. There we can use one of the Best Free Calendar App. We can find calendar apps, Daily plans, bookings and much more. In this article we have listed some of the Best free calendar apps for android 2021.

1. Google Calendar (Andorid - IOS)

Google calendar is one of the Best Free Calendar Apps For Android 2021. Google calendar is hard to beat because of the number of users using Google calendar and its features as well as ease of use. It is very important for all our calendar needs.

Google calendar manages to-do lists, mentions you of events, appointments, and expositions several views of our calendar.

Android Google Calendar helps us to achieve our goals. This will help us to plan our daily routine and make time for our family. Use Google calendar to select an activity for our goal, and invent a regular time in our schedule. If we don’t do an action, the calendar will reschedule it so that we rest on track.

Google calendar has advantages and disadvantages. Now we are ready to talk about advantages and disadvantages in Google calendar.


  • We can view by schedule, day, week, and month.
  • Can syncs with other google apps.
  • We can schedule events, reminders, and goals like that.


  • No ability to color code reminders.
  • Not as many characteristics as the web app.
  • Events cannot be pre-formatted.

2. OneCalendar (Andorid - IOS)

OneCalendar is the one of the Best Free Calendar Apps For Android 2021. If your apps have calendars for different purposes, combine your schedule and events in a convenient place. Actually OneCalendar connects to Google Calendar, Microsoft outlook, icloud, and webcal. After we add a calendar, we can apply a color to that calendar to identify it in our OneCalendar calendar. We don’t have to point among calendars to create an event. OneCalendar has advantages and disadvantages.


  • We can view schedules by list, day, week, month, and year.
  • It has a search feature.
  • It has Eye-catching design templates.


  • We can not sync facebook events and birthdays.
  • Must allow permission to access our accounts.
  • Not display activity from Google calendar.

3. TimeTree (Andorid - IOS)

TimeTree is one of the Best Free Calendar Apps For Android 2021. When we need to keep up with family members, buddies, and co-workers, add everyone’s calendars to TimeTree. We can also construct custom calendars for special events, Family programs, sports groups like that.

TimeTree can store multiple calendars that can be divided with the people we assort. It is sharing capacity that goes farther than calendar sharing.Events can happen in massage centers, photo uploads, with chat, and memos. It has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Add parlance calendars and Google calendar calendars.
  • All group members can edit a shared calendar.


  • It does not have a weekly view.
  • Doesn’t characterize color coding applied in Google calendar.

4. WeNote (Andorid )

WeNote is one of the Best Free Calendar Apps For Android 2021. There is no space to look for important events in some calendars. If we want space on our calendar to keep yourself organized, try WeNote.

WeNote is easy to learn with features including notes, reminders and privacy. Our notes can also introduce photos, audio recordings, and hand-down images.It has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Attach photos, lists, and reminders to calendar events.
  • We can organize notes and lists with lables.


  • We can’t delete a single incidence in a recurring event.
  • We can’t attach PDF files to note.