How to Make your own Face Emoji on Google Gboard

How to Make your own Face Emoji on Google Gboard

Nowadays Most People use Emoji for their online or Outline messages. Of those they like to turn their own selfie into cartoon Emoji. So I decided to tell you How to make your own Face Emoji on Google Gboard. Actually it’s fun and very easy to make your face emoji within a few minutes. Facebook Avatars, Apple Memojis, Snapchat Bitmojis are similar For Google Gboard minis Stickers. It is possible to see many more special qualities here than the others Face emoji create tool. We will discuss it very simply and make your own Face emoji on Google Gboard.

Google Gboard is the best option for making your own Face Emoji. You can make and customize your face with different types of options and you can send that stickers to any messaging applications.Technically Google Machine learning algorithm that converts your own face into a Cartoon emoji. That is the complex process inside the system. But we do not matter that complex because Google provides Gboard for that.

  1. Guideline to make your own Face Emoji On Google Gboard 1.1 Download the Gboard App For Your Device. 1.2 Set up Gboard as your Default Keyboard. 1.3 Open the Messaging App. 1.4 Take your Selfie Photos. 1.5 Customize your own Mini Emoji 1.6 Send your Own Face Emoji to any messaging Application.

Step by Step Make your own face emoji on Google Gboard

If you want to create the best of Own mini emoji you must follow this step given below.

Download the Gboard app

  • Download the latest Version of Gboard App on your Android or iOS Mobile Device.
  • Install those downloaded Gboard App.

Set up Gboard as your Default Keyboard

  • After downloading and installing Gboard you must set it as your primary keyboard. That has the 2 methods.

Method 1: Lunch first time Select Gboard in your language & input settings.

Method 2: For Android users, you must go to “Settings > Language and Input”, and enable Gboard. If your iOS, navigate to “Settings > General > Keyboard”.

  • Next you have to select Gboard as your default input method on your device.

  • Finally you are complete set up Gboard on your Device

Open the Messaging App.

  • Now you must open any messaging application on your Device.
  • I choose the Google Messages App on my Device. And open the keyboard.
  • Now you can see striker icon on keyword, press it icon

  • The Striker Pack page is open. Now you want press Plus (+) Icon in the keyword header.

Take your Selfie Photos.

  • Now click the “Add” button in the Minis box inside.

  • After clicking the “Add” button, you must tap on the Allow button to get permission to take an image and record video.

  • Now you have taken your picture. After taking your picture Gboard system automatically creates your own face emoji within a few seconds.

Customize your own Mini Emoji

  • You can see two types of versions of the Mini Gboard own emoji pack. One is the sweet mini and another is the Bold Mini. Each version has 100 of unique Emoji.
  • If You want to modify or customize your own mini Emoji click the “Customize” button on the page.

  • Here, You can allow to customize and edit your hair, hair color, face shape, chin length, skin tone, sye shape, sye color, eyelashes, eye position, sye distance , eyebrow shape, eyebrow thickness, eyebrow position, eyebrow distance, Nose shape, facial hair, facial markings, classes frame, headwear, cloth color, earrings.

Send your Own Face Emoji to any messaging Application.

Finally we make your own emoji on google gboard. Now you can send you own emoji over to any messaging app like Google message.