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Car Parking multiplayer is a multiplayer 3D mobile Game. Since its release on April 28, 2019, It has been the most popular online multiplayer game, widely developed and published by the OLZHASS game studio. Car Parking multiplayer has a surprisingly realistic 3D driving simulator. You can get a variety of vehicles to drive.The intuitive gaming in Car Parking Multiplayer apk is extremely similar to just about every other driving game. It means practically any user can enjoy playing it from even one.You can adjust the vehicle's speed by touching the pedals located on the right side of the screen while using the steering wheel-shaped icon to control its direction. When it comes to simulating driving, Car Parking Multiplayer also provides loads of additional features to fully immerse you in the experience. You can notice the ability to switch on fog lights, use turning signals and even use turn signals among these features.

Since the last decade, simulation games have been around. However, thanks to some popular smartphone games, they have only become popular recently. That one of the Car Parking multiplayer APK. Actually that is mainly a car parking game, that allows game players to practice and excellent parking skills. The game has so much more to say than just that, however. With over 10 million Google Play Store downloads alone it's easy to see how this game occupies the hearts of people.

That is Not Your Common Car Simulation Game. There are thousands of mobile car games out there, but not all of them get the same exposure as Car Parking multiplayer. This game really has something special to deliver, not just because of its success. This game is for you if you enjoy games like the Grand Theft Auto series, but you just want to play with cars! .

The game, like GTA games, is set in a multiplayer environment in 3D. The graphics are top-notch and the naked eye can see every detail. There are over 50 kinds of vehicles to choose from but they're not from the brands you know. Although this is the case, their architecture closely resembles that of some top-notch automobiles, so this should not be an issue.

Since each car is different, you're going to have to get used to perfectly handling them and parking them. As for the aspect of parking, the game does a fantastic job of directing players on what to do with visual indications. You just have to monitor and perfectly park your car.

Apart from that, the game also helps you to compete with other players. You can run wild knowing that, like in parking mode, you don't have to be vigilant. Overall, even if they are beginners, the game provides players with a lot of fun. Other features of this game are also available that give players a lot of fun. To hear more, hang around.

Download Car Parking multiplayer

Features of Car Parking Multiplayer

  • Free walking.
  • Free open world with real gas stations and car services.
  • Compete against real players in multiplayer racing.
  • Exchange cars with real players.
  • Thousands of real players every day.
  • Friend list.
  • Voice Chat.
  • Police mode

The main objective of simulation games is to add realism to the players as best as they can. They also revolve around a common theme because of this and make it the best game possible. The game doesn't disappoint in the case of Car Parking multiplayer. Here are the characteristics:

3D Open World

That is like GTA games, Car Parking multiplayer that provide to complete study the world without limits. That means you can walk anywhere, drive near and study the city. Anything you will find in a city. it is awesome, you can find it here like: gas stations, Building, car rental services, parks and more. This’s main advantage of car parking multiplayer.


Since a lot of cars are included in this game, it would be a waste not to include a racing feature, right? However that's also what the developers are doing, so there is a racing feature that has been added. If you're tired of the parking mode, try to test your abilities and luck against thousands of other players worldwide in this game! Thanks to the 3D open world and epic scenery around you, run wild and race to your heart's content.


This’s one of the main reasons for successful car parking multiplayer. This implies that you can compete in real time against others. If a deal has been made, you can even trade cars with other players. Aside from that there is a voice chat feature, like a real multiplayer game! In order for you to play non-stop, you can also add them to your friend list. The great news is that every time you play this game, there are thousands of players, so you won't run out of people to meet and play with!

Parking Mode

Of course, the parking mode is the main feature of the game. You start driving the vehicle in this mode, then you need to park it. But, just like in real life, parking isn't that easy. You need to measure your distance and velocity as you park, slowly but surely. There are 82 real-life parking and driving obstacles to overcome in this game. Tackling them is up to you and your incentives will depend on the way you park your car.

Endless Customization

In Car parking multiplayer, You can also tailor your ride to the way you want it, though. The suspension, wheel angles and more can be changed! You can also do engine tuning such as engine swap, turbo, gearbox exhaust ang. Then you can also incorporate accessories, such as adding vinyl, removing paint, and car body parts, to make your car even more appealing.

Wide Variety of Cars

In Car Parking Multiplayer, you can get different types of cars you can collect. 70+ to be precise. All of them come with a real interior and come in various sizes and shapes. This would be a challenge that you need to remember in the aspects of parking and racing. Nevertheless it ensures that it's also interesting to drive around every day with different cars.

What is the latest version of car parking multiplayer?

Latest version of Car Parking multiplayer is v4.7.0. Its release on April 28, 2019. That is totally free.

Tips of Car Parking multiplayer

Car Parking multiplayer will be fun and simple at first but as you advance, you'll find that it becomes difficult. A lot of players quickly left this game because of this. Here are some suggestions to support you in light of that:

Slowly but surely

You do not need to be extremely fast in this game. Initially, what matters most is the ability to obey orders and to be accurate. It ensures you can go slow and take it from there. When parking, you don't need to hurry your way in even if your time is taken into account. You will get the hang of things as you advance, and your speed will probably increase as you park your car at various angles and locations.

Additional Information

  • License : Free
  • Operation System : Android
  • Category : Multiplayer Mobile Game
  • Language : English + 43 more
  • Developer : Olzhass

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