Aero WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2021

Aero WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2021

Today, we are going to talk about Aero WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2021. Which is a developed version of the original App. Many users are encircling this App, estimable to a lot of features and extra refreshment. Today, we will tell you all. If you want to find out more, you should read this article.

The substance of communication is not finished without WhatsApp, which has the prime application for file sharing, messaging, and voice note communication. All communication comports many private and secure moreover, message delivery ticks, message status, is also an attribute that draws more users. As a conclusion, now,there are more than 40 million users of WhatsApp.

What is Aero WhatsApp APK?

Its founder is Turkish developer Boskurt Hazar, who is kindle in coding with creativity. In fact, Boskurt brought the WhatsApp version of FoudMakdadad glossed it with a reply. This app is directed on theming and operation. All other appearances are the same as the FoudMakdadad version of WhatsApp.

Version Information

This is the detail of the version.

  • The app is addressed to Aero WhatsApp APK or WhatsApp Aero.
  • It’s setup size is 68 MB
  • This version is 8.5
  • The package has dual clone and unclone
  • This is an anti-ban App

Aero WhatsApp APK Features are,

All other developed versions of WhatsAppassign to uninstall the original App. This version has worked as a secondary App. You no need to worry about the WhatsApp authorities.

Aero themes

The opulent user interface ussings the choice of various themes. Added more themes to FoudMakdad’s version and YoWhatsApp by Turkish developer Boskurt. You have thousands of themes. Now you can select one of them. As well as you can select your App creatively and aesthetically and correctly.

Home screen customization The home screen should be attractive to the eyes and according to wants. So, why Buskert added new feature to customize the home screen. It has 14 different styles available. There are,

  • Telegram
  • WACA
  • WANH
  • NL Mods
  • Stock
  • Prime v1 to V6F

Extra Features

  • The App allocates the user to turn off the internet, Then it’s called DND mode.
  • This app is an increased limit of image sharing, so it is up to ten plus images in one message.
  • Video limit has also increased.
  • This App is Titanium backup functionality.
  • It has the freedom to enable or disable the proximity sensor.
  • If you want to send high quality and full resolution images, you can do it.
  • Set a password to the App.
  • If you want to secure your private picture, videos and gifs, you can hide any media in the gallery.
  • The settings are different from the original App.
  • It has disable forward messages.
  • You can choose who can call you.
  • It can change font styles.
  • If you want to add Instagram style stories to your status, you can do it.
  • The App can auto-reply.
  • You have scheduled messages for productivity.

Install Aero WhatsApp APK

If you need to download the app and install it. You will assign the following things.

  • You want a computer, laptop, or tablet
  • You wants an internet connection
  • You wants an android cellphone
  • You need a USB cord
  • Need the setup of the App

Steps the install the App

  • First open laptop, computer, or tablet and connect to the internet
  • Now you should to open the web browser
  • Then you want to go to Google.com
  • After that you should search the query for the app name
  • You will have a result page with download pages
  • After that you want to download the App from any third party site
  • Then transfer the setup file for your cell phone
  • You want to install the setup from your gallery
  • Setup need a few minutes to install
  • After that backup the data from original App
  • Then uninstall the original App
  • Then copy the data to the new App
  • Now, you can to use a brand new App