A Fake Wallet app in the AppStore has Caused a person to lose $600,000 in Bitcoins

A Fake Wallet app in the AppStore has Caused a person to lose $600,000 in Bitcoins

Apple is a company that constantly focuses on the privacy & security of their users. Apple CEO Tim Cook once said that "privacy is a fundamental human right."

However, due to a fake app that was in the Apple Store recently, an iPhone user has been caught in a very fraudulent activity. Phillipe Christodoulou has installed an app called Trezor Wallet on his iPhone and deposited around $ 600,000 worth of Bitcoin in his wallet.

However, later all the Bitcoin in his wallet disappeared. Then the value of that amount is said to be close to one million dollars.

How the Trezor Wallet Fake App was able to access the Apple Store is very problematic and this Trezor Wallet Fake App works like Trezor, another hardware manufacturer of cryptocurrency wallets.

Trezor has always said that they have no other app for Android or iOS and if there are any such apps then they are all Fake Apps. They also say that they are constantly complaining about such fake apps.

However, Christodoulou added that although Apple claims that their App Store is the safest place to get apps for the iPhone, this is not the case. He further stated that Apple is fully responsible for such fraudulent activities that take place in an app obtained from the App Store. He says Apple must take action and pay him compensation.

Source: GizmoChina,